Cortisol / Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

Providing Women With Choices—How Renew Woman™ Does It

Cortisol / Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Our lives tend to be plagued by stress in modern times. This isn’t good news. Few things pose more risk to our health than stress.

Stress causes your adrenal glands to produce too much of a hormone called cortisol. This is undesirable for two reasons:

    • Too much cortisol damages the tissues in your body, and causes adrenal fatigue.
    • Adrenal fatigue means your body can’t produce the smaller amounts of cortisol it needs to function properly.

Too much cortisol is bad. And too little cortisol is bad. When you’re under too much stress over too long a period of time, you could wind up suffering the negative consequences of both.

Here’s how we can help:

Your Renew Woman™ doctor can check your cortisol levels via lab testing, and provide you with some guidance if you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue. Suggestions might include:

  • Taking supplements that will help to rejuvenate the adrenal glands.
  • Taking a good multiple-vitamin.
  • Removing sources of stress from your life as much as possible.
  • Learning basic stress management techniques. (We can give you some ideas that might be new to you.)
  • Ensuring that your hormones are properly balanced via an individualized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program.
  • Eating a balanced diet.
  • Incorporating sufficient levels of activity into your life.

As we say repeatedly on our website, our goal is to offer you choices where your healthcare is concerned. We hope that having these choices, in and of itself, will reduce the stress in your life a bit.

Contact us directly to learn more about cortisol and adrenal fatigue. You can reach us at 800-859-7511, or request a consultation through our contact form.